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100% Renewable
Leading the way in Tyre Recycling

Tyre Crumb

While some tyre recyclers simply cut tyres into pieces small enough for land fill, Tyre Crumb's revolutionary system extracts the rubber, steel and sythentics so they can be reused in road surfaces, sports mats, playground surfaces and a whole lot more. This not only saves on valuable resources, it also plays a part in saving the world's precious assets.

Here's how we turn old tyres into high quality renewable resources:

The Weigh Up
Trucks arrive at the Tyre Crumb processing plant with a full load of all kinds of rubber tyres. The trucks are then weighed on large industrial scales to ascertain the exact weight of each load.

Getting Sorted
The tyres are then sorted and organised depending on their type, size and make up.

The Break Down
Once sorted, the tyres are cut up into small pieces by heavy machinery. The tyres then travel into a main system where their components: Synthetic Fibre, Steel and Rubber are separated.

Tyre Crumb
The rubber component is then further broken down or 'crumbed' into the specific granule sizes that include; 0-1mm, 1-3mm and 8-15mm.

In The Bag
All the separated components are then bagged and ready to be used in new products. The end? No, a new beginning.

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